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kisable_stylish's Journal

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all american rejects, amanda bynes, april francesca, arundel high school, arundel pep rally, avril rocks, azure ray, being kidnapped from parties, buddy, buddys water, christianity, clay animation, crash bandicoot, cry baby, dashboard confessional, degrassi, europe, eve, everyone in my class, everything but bright eyes, filming, freezepop, further seems forever, g'love ya, glen coco, grade, gretchen clutch, gretchen weiners, h2o, hair, haylie duff, home town hero, hoodies, how to deal, im a mouse...duh, jessica biel, kangaroos, karen in a vest, karen smith, kelis, kissing, lacrosse with molly ahhh!, last picked, lil kim, little league, little pierre, local babies, london, mandy moore, moodys point, my high school, neve cambell, new hangout, nikol heger, nina demaio, no doubt, not arundel mills, not butterfly kid, oasis, pez, pierre, prodigy, real world, really confused, rich girls, rk walk away, road rules, rok!, royal punk, rubbish, rufio, rugby, ryan dunn, ryan phillippe, sanrio store, sarah, sarah michelle gellar, save ferris, saves the day, senses fail, shows, simon and milo, simple plan, singing, soy crackers, spice world, stab ceasar, strike anywhere, surf girls, switchfoot, tamera mowry, tara reid, tatu, the amanda show, the chicken channel, the early november, the faint, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the movie life, the olsen twins, the rules of attraction, they came burning, thursday, tia mowry, turn on 98.8, two thirty eight, veruca salt, watashi wa, what are the jams, who wouldnt write that?, yeah.ohyeah, yellowcard, you ruin it, youcantsitwithus, young buck